At some point in time, a rapper is going to claim they’re the best in the game after having some productive years under their belt. Rap is competitive and rappers have to make sure they do what they can to stand out from the competition. 

DaBaby is the latest rapper to make the claim he’s the best rapper alive. In one of his latest Instagram Stories, he went as far to say rappers are afraid to work with him in fear of being out rapped by the North Carolina native. 

“Best mf rapper & I’m on ALLLAT sh-t these n-ggas LIE about,” Dababy wrote in a selfie throwing up the peace sign. “I’m him frfr. If a n-gga ain’t tryna work with the real thang he SCARED. The best supposed to compete w/ the best These n-ggas just TALK like they like dat SHUUUUT UP.”

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It’s unclear who DaBaby is talking about and it may just be a general statement. Regardless, DaBaby’s résumé during this incredible three-year run he’s on allows him to make such claims. DaBaby has two No. 1 albums with Kirk and Blame It On Baby, six Grammy nominations and several platinum certifications.

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DaBaby Went From Charging $5K A Verse To $300K In Meteoric 2-Year Rise

The success has upped his feature rate as well. In February, DaBaby took to his Instagram Stories to reveal he’s currently charging $300,000 a verse. He did so by posting a photo of his “Leave Me Alone (Freestyle)” video on YouTube, in which he brags about charging $5,000 for a feature in January 2019.

“From 5K a verse to 300K a verse,” he wrote.