Justin Bieber unleashed a brand new remix to his “Peaches” hit on Monday (June 7). The Billboard Hot 100 staple finds Bieber trading out Giveon and Daniel Caesar for a few Hip Hop and R&B legends with Snoop Dogg, Ludacris and his mentor Usher invading the intoxicating production.

With Bieber talking about getting his “peaches out in Georgia,” it’s fitting the lone peach state native Ludacris kicks off the remix with a sultry verse regarding his relationship and then blowing trees.

“That ass’ll make me catch a charge and miss the court day/Sweet as honeydew, watch me kneel right in front of you/We’ll set the world on fire, then light a blunt or two,” he raps.

Usher then follows Bieber and recounts an encounter with a woman from Decatur while Snoop Dogg takes the baton batting clean-up.

“Whole VIP smellin’ like it’s Christmas, you don’t wanna miss this/California weed on ten, this hits different”I’m like ‘JB, where you been,'” Snoop rhymes.

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The West Coast legend actually teased a part of his verse when he took to Twitter on Sunday (June 6) asking where JB’s been.

“You boys around tonight @Ludacris @Usher,” Bieber hinted before Usher responded with his classic “yeah man” ad-lib setting the stage for the remix to drop.

It’s a headline-grabbing start to the week for Snoop Dogg, who also agreed to a deal to come on board working for Def Jam Records. His official role on the label will be as the senior strategic advisor, but he will have an “immediate focus” on A&R and creative development with the roster.

Listen to the remix below.