Miami, FL

Fat Joe became a trending Twitter topic on Sunday night (June 6) after he was spotted at the Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul exhibition fight in Miami. Fans couldn’t help but notice the Terror Squad vet’s beard looked a little too perfect and people started accusing him of drawing it on.

Soon, Twitter lit up with memes and comments clowning Fat Joe’s facial hair — or what they assumed was well placed ink. Comments such as “Fat Joe out there in the rain like his beard not gonna wash off” and “Fat Joe got that beard drawn on oh my god” began pouring in as people continued to watch the fight.

Fat Joe’s beard spectacle was arguably more entertaining than the fight itself. Although Logan Paul lasted all eight rounds with the famed Floyd Mayweather, there were no KOs nor an official winner.

As noted by ESPN,the Florida State Boxing Commission didn’t officially sanction the fight due to the large disparity in size and experience level — Mayweather is 5’8″ and weighs 155 lbs. while Paul is 6’1 and clocks in at 189.5, just a half a pound less than was required to fight.

The YouTuber’s brother Jake incorrectly claimed Logan “beat” Floyd Mayweather on Twitter but was quickly roasted for misstating the facts. For example, Mayweather landed 43 punches compared to Paul’s 28, while Mayweather landed 17 shots to the body compared to just one body shot for Paul. By the sixth round, Paul was starting to get tired and there was a lot of what looked like hugging going on rather than actual fighting.

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Nonetheless, Mayweather told reporters he had “fun” participating in the Showtime Pay-Per-View event, although there were a lot of people who wanted their money back. Fat Joe and his beard likely enjoyed the Hard Rock Stadium event — and Twitter clearly enjoyed making fun of him.

Check out some of the reactions below.