George Floyd was murdered at the hands of former police officer Derek Chauvin on May 25, 2020. On the one year anniversary of Floyd’s death, his family met with President Joe Biden at The White House to push the George Floyd Police Act Bill. Alongside them were civil rights attorney Ben Crump and Lil Baby.

Lil Baby was spotted walking with the family, and later standing in the background as members of Floyd’s kin spoke with the press. When asked what they were looking to talk to President Biden about, Lil Baby told the cameras before walking off, “try to pass that George Floyd Police Act Bill.”

The George Floyd Police Act bill calls for a national registry of police misconduct, ban racial and religious profiling by police officers, and end qualified immunity for cops.

According to Philonise Floyd, George Floyd’s brother, the meeting with President Biden went really well.

“We’re just thankful for what’s going on and we just want the George Floyd Policing Act to be passed,” he said. “If you can make federal laws to protect the bird, which is the bald eagle, you can make federal laws to protect people of color.”

Lil Baby became Hip Hop’s unofficial spokesperson when he dropped “The Bigger Picture” in June 2020. The powerful song and visual became a Hip Hop protest anthem for the events that were transpiring around the world at that time.

Hip Hop Demands Justice For George Floyd As Nationwide Riots Erupt

The four-minute song sees the multi-platinum ATLien seamlessly articulating the frustration, confusion, and innate call to stand up for something much bigger than himself.

The 4PF CEO made sure to snag flicks with Vice President Kamala Harris and
Speaker of the United States House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi.

In his caption with the Madame Vice President, he spoke of productivity writing, “Big shoutout to @vp for taking the time out her busy day to sit with me an have an open discussion! #wegottastartsomewhere.”