When controversy strikes in Hip Hop, there usually isn’t a microphone Charlamagne Tha God shys away from. With Joe Budden going nuclear on his Joe Budden Podcast co-hosts and firing Rory Farrell on Wednesday (May 12), many expected The Breakfast Club co-host to bask in his “I told you so” moment that he predicted, but he ended up going a much different route.

Charlamagne decided to pass on the viral moment everyone was looking for and instead wished his Black Effect podcast network president a happy birthday and promoted his friend and activist Tamika Mallory’s new book.

“I just want to say happy bornday to my friend, Dolly Bishop, she is the president of the Black Effect podcast network,” he began taking the high road. “I also want to say Tamika Mallory State of Emergency: How We Win in the Country We Built — my other friend.”

Listeners ran to hear what Charlamagne Tha God had to say after he essentially predicted Joe Budden’s implosion three years ago with his history of wrecking platforms he’s built in the past.

“I don’t know how close you and Joe are,” he said to Rory in a podcast with Budden and Mal also present. “The guys he meets through the industry, y’all are kinda disposable. I hope Joe Budden doesn’t fuck it up, because Joe Budden fucks up a lot of things. I’m like, ‘Yo Joe, don’t self-destruct this time.'”

Budden essentially announced the end of the Joe Budden Podcast as we knew it when he fired Rory on Wednesday in the first episode since returning from his Los Angeles trip.

'Joe Budden Podcast' Goes Down In Flames After Co-Host Rory Is Fired On Air

“Friend or not, I’m NEVER funding someone’s sabotage of me, that will NEVER happen…,” the former rapper wrote on Twitter. “[I] get far away from the threat…. You can think piece until your face turns blue.”