Nicki Minaj is so focused on her family and raising her son so much that fans are starting to miss her presence in the Hip Hop game. During a recent episode of The Joe Budden Podcast, Budden, Rory and Mal reflected on Nicki returning to the spotlight after discussing whether DJ Khaled had a hit or miss with Khaled Khaled.

“It’s time,” Mal said in regards to the “Anaconda” rapper making a comeback. “It’s time for a Nicki album.”

The always opinionated Joe Budden was taken aback by Mal’s statement and proceeded to give his two cents on the new topic.

“Did you not just hear everything we said about Khaled dropping during COVID,” Budden asked Mal. “You want Nicki to drop right now? Nicki, I love you, I wish you and your family well, and that’s what I got.”

According to Budden, dropping Khaled Khaled during the COVID-19 pandemic wasn’t a good move for DJ Khaled. Although the album is projected to go No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart this week, fans had varying opinions.

Budden feels if Nicki were to drop an album now like Khaled, the timing wouldn’t be right for her. But despite how Budden feels, though, the fans have spoken. They want to hear something new from the leader of the Barbz.

Nicki’s legacy has been the topic of conversation lately, given the influx of new women rappers entering the game. During Nicki’s prime, there were very few challengers to her throne, which led to the Queens rapper having a chokehold on Hip Hop. However, several women stepped up to the plate during her absence to make their claim as the next best woman rapper in the game.

Russ Thinks Nicki Minaj Would’ve Had A Stranglehold On The TikTok Era

In March, Russ took to Twitter to offer a take on Nicki’s influence had she been dominant in the TikTok era.

“Imagine if TikTok was out during Nicki Minaj blowin up era…numbers woulda been astronomical lmao,” Russ tweeted. “Did it on em, only, anaconda, twerk it, FEELING MYSELF Man, soooo many like bruh lmao shit was already outta here but that woulda been insane lol.”