New York, NY – Brooklyn rapper Jeezy Mula was handed a two-year prison bid with a maximum of three years in a New York City court on April 30.

According to Inner City Press, the 24-month sentencing is from Jeezy Mula pleading guilty on January 22 for conspiracy to commit bank fraud. The “Get Back” lyricist (born Dajahn McBean) took the plea deal for a reduced sentence as the charge had him facing five-to-six and a half years if the case went to trial.

Jeezy Mula admitted to running a counterfeit check scheme in Manhattan amounting to $50,000.

He has been one of the focal points of a federal investigation about Mula’s involvement with the Real Ryte crew, an affiliate of the Bloods gang based in his home borough, and their alleged ties to the fraud case.

In July 2020, three members of the Real Ryte crew including Jeezy Mula were indicted on separate attemped murder and racketeering charges for their violent rivalry with the Breadgang, who is also associated with the Bloods.

The shooting reportedly led to another innocent bystander being hit, missing the co-defendants’ intended target.

“The Real Rytes allegedly engaged in extreme acts of violence that threatened the safety of our community and, in one instance, resulted in serious injury to a bystander,” District Attorney Seth DuCharme stated.

“This Office and our law enforcement partners will continue to work hard to address the problem of gun violence in our neighborhoods, and we will prosecute to the fullest extent of the law gang members who endeavor to use our streets as battlefields.”

Prior to the arrest in 2020 from the case, several photos and videos posted on Jeezy Mula’s Instagram account display items that were speculated by authorities to be illegally purchased during the scam. His handle is “RealRyte_Mula,” which reveals items including a gifted Playstation 5 video game console, diamond-encrusted “Woo” necklace and a new luxury car.

Jeezy Mula and his co-defendant in the case William Valdez were arrested following a car chase as they held stolen debit cards. Court records show federal agents tracked Jeezy Mula and Valdez on surveillance videos and text messages exchanged between the both men, which were reviewed by law enforcement officials.

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Mula might be eligible for parole after 15 months on good time following his conviction from the fraud case.