Westside Gunn is no stranger to having the utmost confidence in himself and his rap career. On Tuesday (April 27), the Griselda Records leader jumped on Twitter to make a bold claim ahead of his forthcoming project, Hitler Wears Hermes 8: Sincerely Adolf.

“I have the illest discography of All Time,” he tweeted. “I have HWH1-7, Supreme Blientele, Pray for Paris, FLYGOD, Awesome GOD 1&2, I could’ve actually stopped at HWH7, Blientele, Pray for Paris and FLYGOD. it’s many more and more otw.”

He continued, “Don’t compare me to NOBODY who only did it 1,2,3X I’m talking 20x straight for 8yrs straight.”

Whether fans like his music or think he’s delusional for his claims, people have to admire the amount of music Westside and the rest of the Griselda camp put out in a short amount of time. In his 16-year long career, Westside Gunn has dropped over 28 projects.

A fan on Twitter added Westside’s infamous Shady Records debut, Who Made The Sunshine, to the list, which caused the Buffalo native to issue out another tweet praising the album despite all the drama behind it.

“Also WHO MADE THE SUNSHINE was absolutely FireFire,” he wrote in the tweet. “Made from scratch, no samples, all the features was incredible, 2 Slick Rick verses, a 8min song that was phenomenal and made in a week. S/O to @rosenberg I’ll always respect him for being a man of his word.”

Fans can expect more music to come from Westside Gunn with his upcoming Hitler Wears Hermes 8: Sincerely Adolf project. On March 31, Westside Gunn got the hype train moving when he dropped two new tracks off the new project titled “Julia Lang” and “TV BOY.”

Westside Gunn Drops Two New Tracks From Forthcoming ‘Sincerely Adolf #HWH8’ Album

Westside Gunn announced Hitler Wears Hermes 8: Sincerely Adolf back in October in an Instagram post. The upcoming project will be Westside’s proper follow-up to Who Made The Sunshine, which was released on October 2.