Azealia Banks rarely makes the news for her music these days — normally, she’s in the headlines for saying or doing something outrageous. This weekend was no different. On Saturday (April 17), the opinionated rapper suggested she and Kanye West should hook up following his divorce from Kim Kardashian, despite having a history of ruthlessly dragging him on social media.

“It’s me guys,” she wrote. “The powerful black demon entity awaiting in my ovaries and Kanye’s testicle is finally about to be unleashed upon the world. All of you n-ggas are going to JAIL.”

Par for the course, Azealia Banks is backtracking on her comments and insisting she did it all for laughs. On Monday (April 19), Banks wrote in one of her Instagram Stories, “You guys really took that Kanye joke and ran with it huh?”

It’s mind-boggling anyone would take Banks’ initial tweets seriously considering the blatant disdain for Ye she’s exhibited over the years. Last July, Banks went on a Twitter tirade following Kanye’s tear-filled rant about abortion during his first presidential rally in South Carolina. She claimed Kanye doesn’t suffer from a mental illness — he’s just hiding his homosexuality.

Azealia Banks Claims To Know Kanye West Is Hiding His Homosexuality, Then Shaves Her Head

“Maybe the fact that a lot of those mothers did not want to abort their child, you know?” she wrote on Instagram at the time. Maybe due to fucking systematic races and you know, you can’t make an equality. Maybe they had to give their babies up. Maybe there were a lot of tears that the women had to cry, you know. You ever stop to think about that, muthafucka? No, because you don’t have a fucking bipolar disorder nigga. You’re a closeted homosexual.”

Banks also urged Kanye to come out of the closet and “suck dick in peace” before shaving her head.

As Ye and Kim Kardashian continue to finalize their divorce, Banks apparently had a breakup of her own. According to Insider, she and her former fiancé Ryder Ripps called off their engagement last month.