Kevin Durant wasn’t happy with Kash Doll in February when she adopted the “KD” nickname that the NBA star is famously known as. On Saturday (April 17), the Detroit rapper revealed she pranked Durant on the set of 50 Cent’s upcoming Starz series Black Mafia Family while wearing bloody makeup, which forced him to cancel the call.

“Y’all i FaceTimed Kevin Durant last night on set while my (black eye and bloody nose make up was on) and told him his fans did that to me bc of the KD argument,” she wrote followed by laughing emojis. “y’all should’ve seen his face!!! He was so concerned until i started laughing then he hung up.”

When a fan reacted with a 50 Cent GIF, she responded, “Funny part about it 50 was right there we was on set.”

The back-and-forths all started when Kash Doll tweeted “All these niggas wanna fuck KD” last month, which prompted Durant to respond with, “You did not have to use those initials to get this tweet off…U have to relax with the KD talk, your name is KASHDOLL.”

Kash Doll was having none of it, and proceeded to claim the “KD” name as her own and put the Brooklyn Nets forward in his place.

“I’m the real KD,” she wrote. “your name Kevin Durant act accordingly.”

At the time, 50 Cent reacted to the situation by wondering how Kash Doll had time to steal Kevin Durant’s name when she was busy working on Black Mafia Family.

“KD got dat jumper, and KD got dat bumper,” he said. “either way i’m a KD fan. LOL @kashdoll is filming BMF, how she find time to just take KD name from him. WTF.”

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In March, 50 Cent spoke to HipHopDX about artists stepping into the acting arena and discussed Kash Doll starring in his new series.

“You’d be surprised at how many artists want to jump into the film side of it,” 50 said. “A lot of them put themselves on tape for the characters. They got the sides and read it until they were comfortable then performed it to tape and sent it in. We went through them and tried to sort out the right combination by putting all of the actors together… we even have Kash Doll on BMF.”

He also revealed Migos’ Quavo and Casanova auditioned for Black Mafia Family but didn’t make it onto the show.