Whether people like it or not, Akademiks has become one of the gatekeepers of Hip Hop news. The latest conversation topic that Akademiks is in the middle of is Drake’s return to the music scene with his sixth studio album, Certified Lover Boy.

Drake intended on dropping the album once in summer 2020, and again in January 2021, but an ACL injury and alleged leaks kept The Boy from doing so. Akademiks has more or less become the unofficial spokesperson for Certified Lover Boy.

During a recent Twitch session, Akademiks claimed he spoke to Drake about the highly-anticipated project, saying it would arrive by next month.

“Drake told me that it’s gonna be dropping before April,” he said. “So he’s not waiting until summer to drop his shit … April, or before.”

Akademiks CLB update from Drizzy

Akademiks then took to his Twitter to post a series of tweets regarding Certified Lover Boy and its impending arrival.

“Drake told me to sit tight n relax,” Akademiks wrote. “He said that ‘Whats Next’ record is just a ‘warm up ting’. He’s working overtime creating this next masterpiece… CLB on da way… fr.”

Akademiks returned minutes later with even more news stating the 6 God told him he’s shooting some music videos and probably dropping something this week. Ak then said his source was from Drizzy Drake himself.

It’s important to note several people in the OVO camp have said Drake is the only reliable source for news on his sixth studio album. If the former Everyday Struggle host is telling the truth, technically, Drake is still giving the news, just through Akademiks.

To further prove his claims, Akademiks posted another tweet, showing what seems to be Drake recording a music video in Toronto. The clip finds a camera crew following a black SUV down an empty street while someone hangs out the car window. Drake is tagged in the video with a quote saying, “Look who’s in the neighborhood.”

Impatient fans waiting for Certified Lover Boy can breathe a sigh of relief with the news Akademiks dropped on Monday. Drake recording a music video is a good sign that the album may be complete, and fans couldn’t be any more excited.

Drake's Long Awaited 'Certified Lover Boy' Album To Arrive By April According To Akademiks

Many fans were pissed off in January when Drake issued an apology pushing back the album again to rehab his injured knee. He didn’t make the situation any better either when he had a starring role in a State Farm Super Bowl commercial.


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