Kodak Black has heard the jokes about him being a “clone” since he was pardoned in January 2020.

During an Instagram Live session on Saturday (February 26), the Bill Isarel rapper touted his originality and put the rumors of him having a clone or being cloned to bed.

“Why this don’t sound like Kodak, what the hell – so who I sound like?” Kodak asks in the clip. “All this little clone shit starting to make me mad now. See back then, all my little other bids, whenever this little clone shit came out, I wasn’t trippin’. Y’all blowing me now.”

He added, “How the fuck, a n-gga can’t motherfuckin’ duplicate this shit. All kind of n-ggas being trying to imitate this shit but can’t duplicate this shit. None of these fuck n-ggas seeing Yak! They know that, that’s why they was mad I came home. All these n-ggas was scared – scared of me coming home … picking up the money. Errbody can make money, errbody could do this shit. I don’t give a fuck about you n-ggas, man. Errbody can pop they lil shit.”

Kodak isn’t the only rapper who fans have determined has a clone. Gucci Mane, who was released from federal custody in May 2016, has had fans proclaim he’d been cloned due to his slimmed-down physique and healthy lifestyle choices.

Kodak Black Reportedly Engaged Days After Serenading City Girls' JT

Since Kodak’s release in January, he’s made a few significant changes in his life, sporting a new hairstyle and getting his lawyer’s name tattooed on his hand. He’s also dropped down on one knee, reportedly getting engaged to 19-year-old rapper Mellow Rackz.