Spending six years in prison is presumably no easy feat. It’s likely even harder being on the inside and finding out people have changed up, but there are a select few who do stay ten toes down. After Bobby Shmurda’s release from prison on Tuesday (February 23), the 26-year-old rapper let his fans know who held him down throughout those six difficult years.

In a clip shared on social media, Shmurda took some time out following his release for some photo ops with his friends. In the middle of the photoshoot, Shmurda called Migos frontman Quavo over to join in on the fun. Quavo turned down the offer telling Shmurda it was his moment, but the Brooklyn rapper didn’t want to hear any of that.

“This my brother right here, man,” Shmurda said while pulling Quavo into the picture. “He ain’t never switched up yo. The whole six he did. The whole time, man. He ain’t never switched up, you heard? Make sure you know that.”

Shmurda and Quavo’s friendship goes back to when both their careers were taking off at the same time in 2014. They would often hang out together with their crews and even revealed they were working on a collaborative mixtape called ShMigo Gang.

Quavo maintained the friendship with him after he was sent to prison and it was he who hinted the creator of the Shmoney Dance would be coming home around 2020. With all the footage fans have been getting of the two, many believe discussions about the ShMigo Gang mixtape are kicking back up again.

Huncho made a promise to Shmurda that he would be waiting right outside to pick him up once he got out — and he lived up to that promise, picking up Shmurda in a private jet.

“Did Six And Didn’t Switch Welcome Home,” Quavo wrote on Instagram with a video of the two walking off the jet together.