We’ve all heard the stories about aspiring rappers busting a freestyle while their idols are doing everyday activities like shopping or running errands. Big Sean did it for Kanye West back in the day, which led to the rap superstar we have today.

In Louisiana, a local rapper tried to do the same thing by busting out a freestyle for Youngboy Never Broke Again’s mom, Sherhonda Gaulden, who happened to be putting gas into her car. In the clip shared by Our Generation Music’s Instagram page, the rapper spots Youngboy’s mother with a child in her arms.

“Say you look like that lady that be on Instagram,” the rapper said. “You like YoungBoy momma.”

Gaulden looked annoyed and replied back, “I am. I don’t be on no damn Instagram. I don’t have no Instagram.”

The rapper then asks Gaulden if he could dish out a quick freestyle that she could send to Youngboy in an effort to get him signed. Still looking annoyed, Gaulden gave the floor to the rapper, where he unleashed an underwhelming freestyle, to say the least. At one point, the rapper fumbled his lines, and Gaulden asked him to stop in the nicest way possible.

“You good,” Gaulden asked the nervous rapper before cutting him off completely. “Ima send it to him. No, you went hard, but please don’t do it no more. You did good, and you didn’t mess up. I liked that.”

YoungBoy Never Broke Again’s family has grown over the last few months. In January, YoungBoy became a father for the seventh time when Yaya Mayweather gave birth to his son Kentrell Jr. On Thursday (February 18), Yaya took to her Instagram Story to show off the fresh Rolex Floyd Mayweather got his new grandson.

YoungBoy Never Broke Again’s Newborn Son Rocks 1st Rolex From Grandfather Floyd Mayweather

“KJ’s papa got him his first Rolex,” Yaya wrote with a photo of the diamond-encrusted gold watch.