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CyHi The Prynce avoided a potentially fatal encounter in Atlanta over Valentine’s Day weekend following an alleged assassination attempt. The G.O.O.D. Music artist opened up about the scary ordeal in an Instagram post on Sunday night (February 14), explaining he’d just crashed his Bentley SUV trying to escape the assailants.

In a new interview with TMZ Live,the Georgia native went into acute detail about that night and admits he initially thought the suspects were simply trying to race him on the highway in their Maserati.

“I was on the highway and I thought they were trying to race me,” he explains. “I tried to just go to the next lane, they come over to the next lane. Tried to speed up a little bit and get out of their way, they speed up and get next to me again. Tried to do a couple little maneuvers between cars to see if they were really following me or just wanted to race me and then I realized they were following me so I tried to speed off and smash on the brakes so they could go past me.

“They actually smashed on their brakes on the highway so we almost had a pile-up. I tried to do that maneuver again and I smashed on the brakes again. They smashed on their brakes. So I tried to get to the right shoulder and I put my car in reverse and started reversing back up the highway. They made a U-turn on the highway and started driving towards me. So, I’m like, this is serious.”

That’s when CyHi started hearing gunfire and had reached a speed of 130 to 140 miles per hour, which ultimately led to him losing control of his vehicle.

“I’m just swerving back and forth, ducking and everything,” he continues. “It was so much gunfire that I had to just go on and do what I felt like was best for myself. If it was a car robbery, if I wrecked the car or tried to wreck it or get out of the way, then they wouldn’t want the car anymore. I didn’t expect to hit a pole and hit a tree — I was just trying to go to the side of the road. But I was going so fast that I lost control of it and that’s when I totaled it and landed in the tree.”

CyHi The Prynce Dodges Death During Alleged Assassination Attempt In Atlanta

Police were eventually dispatched to the scene and CyHi told officers someone had tried to kill him. But the 36-year-old MC appears to have an admirable perspective on the whole situation. In his original Instagram post, he called for peace among rappers.

“There are too many lives being lost over music,” he wrote in part. “I know I’m not the king of my city or nothing, but the real leaders (i won’t say no names, but you guys know who you are) you all are extremely blessed to have the the careers that you have and be able to feed your family and loved ones.”

He concluded, “It’s time to stop the violence in Atlanta. I don’t have all the answers and I definitely don’t have the power to make it stop, but i do feel like somebody gotta step up and say something. So much love to every artist, label, hustler, and crew in my city pleaseee lets resolve our problems man. We don’t have to kill each other man. SMH thanks again, Atlanta. I wrote this letter to y’all with tears in my eyes.”

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