The continuously brewing tension between Meek Mill and 6ix9ine hit a boiling point in the wee hours of Sunday (February 14) when the two came face to face outside of an Atlanta club. Meek filmed the interaction and posted it to his social media accounts, accusing the infamous internet troll of trying to get him hemmed up.

Meek refrained from physically engaging with the controversial rapper but admitted to spitting on him. He later accused 6ix9ine of pulling the stunt in an attempt to “go viral” and laughed off the entire incident. Still, that didn’t stop Wack 100 from criticizing Meek for not fighting back. But at least one of Meek’s peers understands why — Benny The Butcher.

In a tweet posted Sunday afternoon, the Griselda powerhouse insinuated it would’ve been a dumb move on Meek’s part to get involved any more than he did considering his criminal record and simultaneously called out 6ix9ine for the failed attempt to fight.

“The snitch rapper tryna get n-ggas caught up,” he wrote, “and y’all think it’s cool.”

According to Meek’s version of events, 6ix9ine allegedly approached him in a parking lot and started screaming at him about police as several large security guards attempt to keep them separated. He quickly addressed the situation on Twitter, writing, “Why 69 just run up on me wit a bunch of cops so I spit on him. I thought I was dreaming…he waited outside for me with the feds wtf. They did all this to go viral. Leave me alone rat.”

Meek Mill & 6ix9ine Nearly Come To Blows In Heated Parking Lot Confrontation

He later added, “69 waited out side the club for me. they tryna get ussssss wtf. We did not run into each other. I was getting in my car he just popped out….we almost was smoking on that 69 pack for the love of a viral moment. He tryna to get something locked up no cap.”

In the wake of the confrontation, 6ix9ine has continued his trolling ways with a slick comment aimed at Meek on Instagram that read, “This is how n-ggas look when they see me in REAL LIFE after talking shit on the internet.”

Check it out below.


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