Cardi B made her first move of 2021 on Friday (February 5) with the release of her new single “Up.” Despite many fans having fun with dances across social media, the Bronx native noticed people suggesting she makes music specifically for TikTok challenges — something she outright denies.

The Invasion of Privacy Grammy winner took to Twitter on Monday (February 8) to shut down accusations with references to choreography in her older visuals.

“My videos been A1 from start!” she said. “They got better the bigger of a artist I got soo the budget is going to double up. At first I only had 15 hours to shoot a video now I get two days. Killed it wit money & did choreography ever since Please me & press & never stop since.

She continued, “Dont try to play me like I just started this shit cause of tiktok. My last 4 videos I gave choreography & at award shows as well. Please me, press, wap & up was my last videos. EAT IT UP!”

Cardi is adamant she didn’t start the “WAP” challenge and didn’t even know how to do the dance, while putting her support behind female rappers in general.

“It wasn’t me who started the wap challenge,” she wrote. “I didn’t even knew how to the dance that’s why I never did the challenge in the first place. How ya mad that these female rappers songs becoming tiktok challenges because people genuinely wants to dance to it.”

Cardi also responded to somebody who said there’s a difference between becoming a challenge and forcing challenges on people.

“I never forced a challenge,” Cardi said. “I never offer MONEY or prices for no challenge. I never even posted hey guys do a challenge for my song. People do it cause they want to sooo miss me wit that shit. I pay ya to show me when I told some1 ‘hey do a challenge for my song.'”

Making sure to appreciate those who are supporting, she added, “Thankful for all my fans, artist, influencer, tiktoker, people that critic music videos and songs, and the GP for showing me love. I’m extremely happy and satisfied. Ladies that’s in my field keep doing what you doing they going to hate always. Give them a reason too.”

Following the release of “Up,” Cardi was accused of stealing the concept from New Jersey rappers Mir Fontane and Mir Pesos’ August 2020 song “Stuck,” which she completely denied.

Cardi B Claims Somebody 'Dropped The Ball' On Properly Releasing Raunchy 'Up' Single

“I’m the type of person that avoids problems & court days,” she wrote. “If i get inspired by a song I wouldn’t mind giving a percentage or couple of thousand but I never Hurd if this man. I’m glad while I was recording this song in August I was playing wit the hook on this live.”