It’s a rare day when Tierra Whack trends on Twitter — but when she does, her fans are there to celebrate. The Philadelphia creative was indeed a trending topic on Saturday night (February 6) after a freestyle of hers went viral.

The clip features the Whack World mastermind spitting over an instrumental version of the 1995 Onyx single “Last Dayz.” Rocking a black crewneck that read, “WHEN I DIE DON’T PRETEND TO CARE,” Whack spit lines such as, “Take notes of everything that I don’t say/I should work at Chipotle, go to Cuba like O.J.”

As she grabs a container of Old Bay seasoning, she continues, “I feel this is my season/Old Bay, time for you to obey/You suck because you don’t pray, you in your own way.”

Whack has yet to release a proper follow-up to 2018’s critically acclaimed album Whack World, which featured 15, one-minute songs expertly crafted for Instagram. Despite its creative brilliance, it left fans aching for more.

Whack momentarily whet her fans’ appetite in November 2020 with two new singles — “feel good” and “Peppers & Onions.” During an interview with Apple Music, the 25-year-old talked about the concept of “feel good” and explained how the COVID-19 pandemic really pulled it out of her.

“We expect everybody to be happy,” she said. “All these good things were happening for me, but at the same time it was happening so fast I wasn’t able to take it all in. So I feel like everything is like a gift and a curse. With the quarantine and the lockdown and everything, I just feel like I really needed that time to just be still, sit down, think, reflect. I needed it. I really did need it. Like I said, it was scary, it was a roller coaster. I was up and down. I was sad, a little happy, happier, sad again, just up and down.”

Tierra Whack Dips Back Into Her Short-Song Bag With ‘Feel Good’ & ‘Peppers & Onions’ Singles

As Whack’s latest freestyle continued to make the rounds, Twitter exploded with tweets praising the ambitious MC, with multiple people dubbing her the best rapper to come out of Philly in recent memory.

Check out some of the reactions below.