Ice Cube ignited a small social media firestorm when Donald Trump’s former senior advisor Katrina Pierson revealed his administration had been working with the N.W.A legend behind the scenes. Cube vehemently defended his decision and insisted he’d work with whoever was in the Oval Office — Republican or Democrat. Turns out, he’s sticking to his word.

During an interview with the Ryan Cameron Uncensored radio show on Wednesday (February 3), the gangsta rap pioneer revealed President Joe Biden’s administration reached out to him earlier this week to discuss his Contract With Black America initiative. Although they haven’t set up a meeting yet, scheduling is in progress and the meeting is expected to happen this month.

Cube is also touting a new single called “Trying To Maintain,” which arrived on Thursday (February 4). The lyrics tackle everything he’s been going through in the public eye since last October, including Twitter’s attempt to cancel him.

“Whip by you in the fast lane,” he spits. “Only act like this ’cause of Black pain/Fuck your cancel bitch/You can’t cancel a solider.”

Speaking to TMZ prior to the 2020 presidential election, Cube talked about how urgent it is to get Black Americans out of “this economic hole” and finally close the wealth gap. He also noted he’d talked to both parties and was anxious to get to work.

“The end game is to get a candidate to adopt this plan because it’s needed for Black America,” he said. “We all have our favorite candidate that we want to win, but the thing is we need this done. No more time to talk, no more promises.

“That’s the end game — to pressure the candidates to adapt some of the things that’s in this plan that, across the board, they all agree with.”

Ice Cube Gets Persecuted On Twitter After He's Accused Of Being A Trump Supporter

He added, “We talked about a few things, making sure a fair amount of contracts go to Black businesses and say black specifically because the word minority has actually hurt us because every minority usually gets something but us.”