Bobby Shmurda could be released from prison as early as February after spending years behind bars, and his mother is clearly excited about his imminent return.

On Monday (January 11), Leslie Pollard took to Instagram to post her son as her #MCM a.k.a. Man Crush Monday. In the post, she revealed her anticipation for his potential release next month and had high expectations for his Hip Hop career going forward.

“My #MCM….. I am counting down just wishing we could run straight to February right quick,” she wrote under a photo of Shmurda. “The come back wil be Epic!!! I can’t wait to hug my child it had been almost a year anxiety is getting the best of me.”


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On January 4, The New York Times reported Bobby Shmurda was now eligible for conditional release on February 23 through the New York State Department of Corrections. Despite being denied parole in September, his credit for good behavior was restored and he could be out by that date if no further incidents occur, with the rest of his sentence served on parole.

Shmurda, who is currently being held at New York’s Clinton Correctional Facility in Dannemora, was sentenced to seven years in October 2016 after pleading guilty to conspiracy and weapons possession for his role in Brooklyn gang GS9.

Bobby Shmurda's Latest Court Documents Suggest Early Prison Release

Fellow GS9 rapper Rowdy Rebel was released from prison on December 15 and has big plans for himself, Shmurda and the rest of his crew.

“Getting my team right,” he told XXL about his 2021 plans. “On some military status, militant-minded. Once I get the team right, we gon’ get together… I’ma call it a future pack. Everybody that’s gon’ be on this team gon’ serve a purpose. Be a big machine.”

He continued, “I’ma have my team do this, have my team do that. And once we drop one time, ain’t no turning back. We gon’ keep it going… I got a couple artists that’s dope. And once I flame on, Bobby’s coming home in a few. Don’t even trip. Ain’t nothing change. We still the waviest.”