Anyone familiar with Freddie Gibbs knows the man has jokes — lots of them. Sometimes his jokes are so outrageous, he gets kicked off social media and put in the corner until he can behave. But soon enough, he’ll emerge with some more inflammatory posts and get removed all over again.

So imagine his delight when Donald Trump, the outgoing President of the United States, was banned from not only Twitter but also Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, YouTube, TikTok, Pintrest, Pornhub and a slew of others.

On Saturday (January 9), Gibbs started going in on Trump, clowning the man for getting removed from so many platforms. He ultimately suggested the 74-year-old should start an OnlyFans page.

“Fam can’t even use the internet,” he began. “I wonder if Trump can still get an Uber.”

As Gibbs’ stream of consciousness tweets continued, he decided “fuck it” and posted a photo of an obese, shirtless man with the signature Trump hairstyle sitting on the beach, watching the ride roll in. The text read “Only Fans” across it.

Gangsta Gibbs then found it hysterical “n-gga can’t even beat his meat” and shared a screenshot of Pornhub’s tweet announcing Trump had been banned from the X-Rated platform. He added, “Imma need U to log off fam” alongside a Marge Simpson meme.

Gibbs is notorious for trolling his adversaries. Last June, the veteran MC — who’s nominated for a Grammy Award in the Best Rap Album category alongside his Alfredo collaborator The Alchemist — engaged in a back-and-forth with Akademiks, vowing to “torture” the media personality until he quits his job.

But it looks like the universe took care of that for him and Akademiks was ultimately let go from his duties at Everyday Struggle in November 2020. Of course, it didn’t take long for Gibbs to drag Akademiks for that. Last month, he reveled in Akademiks’ misfortune and shared a clip of Akademiks talking about his previous suspension on Twitch.

Freddie Gibbs Comes For Akademiks: 'Gimme All My Flowers Bitch'

He wrote underneath it “N-gga got fired.” When Ak says he never wanted to be a Complex employee, Gibbs reminded him, “But U are an employee bitch n-gga. They told U to shut the fuck up boy.” Gibbs also noted he deserved every award Complex gave him following Ak and Gibbs’ e-battle.

“Lyricist of the year,” he wrote. “Real n-gga of the year. Gangsta of the year. Gimme all my flowers bitch.”

Gibbs has been suspended from social media multiple times, most recently in December 2020 when he got a time-out from Instagram.