Like many rappers moving up the money ladder, YK Osiris added a Lamborghini, Rolls-Royce and multiple Cadillacs to his collection to match his successful music career. But on Wednesday night (December 30), the Def Jam Recordings artist took to his Instagram Stories to reveal he’d sold his expensive cars and bought a Hyundai in order to bring him back down to Earth.

“This what I’m riding in now,” Osiris said in a video. “This my new car. Fuck a foreign. I sold my Lamborghini, I sold my Rolls-Royce, I sold my Cadillacs, yessirski. I ain’t gon’ lie, this thing humble yourself.”

He continued, “I ain’t gotta floss for you n-ggas man. Y’all gon’ think what y’all wanna think. If I do got it, don’t got it, y’all gon’ think what y’all wanna think. I love this Hyundai. Shit, I ain’t riding a fucking Lamborghini, I ain’t gotta floss for you n-ggas. That’s what’s wrong with you n-ggas, y’all feel like you gotta floss for the Instagram. Man, fuck them man, y’all don’t need to floss for no dumb ass Instagram.”

The decision to purchase a Hyundai was driven by YK Osiris wanting to give himself a reality check and get his priorities straight.

“I had to sit back,” he admitted. “I had to realize and look at the world like, ‘Osiris, you forgot who the fuck you are, you forgot where the fuck you came from. Fuck a Lambo n-gga, fuck a Rolls-Royce. Remember where you came from n-gga. Don’t get lost in the sauce. Get this muthafuckin’ music. Drop this music and get this fucking money man, and don’t worry about that dumb shit.'”

Osiris added, “Just remember… the same way you got it up, the same way you’ll go down. Swear to God, on my life.”

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The Jacksonville, Florida native released his debut album The Golden Child in October 2019, which debuted at No. 90 on the Billboard 200 chart with roughly 10,000 total album-equivalent units sold in its first week. In November, YK Osiris revealed he refuses to do a feature for anything under $100,000.

“Aye stop asking me for verses,” he said in a clip. “I charge $100,000. If you don’t got $100,000, I’m not doing it. Period.”