Cardi B is trying to get lit on New Year’s Eve…but she’s not trying to deal with the inevitable hangover that comes with it.

Taking to Twitter on Wednesday (December 30), the “WAP” rapper asked her followers to help with some remedies, and responses ranged from ridiculous (“lots of xanax !”) to wild concoctions that may actually work.

“What do you guys recommend for hangovers?” Bardi wrote. “I’m trying to see double on New Year’s Eve but I want to be good In the am.”

One of the most popular responses suggested a mix of bananas, coconut water, pickles/pickle juice and watermelons. Pickle juice was a common answer among her replies, as well as Pedialyte, BC Powder and Liquid IV.



Cardi has been partying it up during the pandemic, and recently came under fire for hosting a large Thanksgiving celebration. Just before that, she came under fire for her birthday celebration in Atlanta as well, but the Bronx native has been adamant about paying for testing for herself and her loved ones and has assured her followers she’s following all safety procedures.

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Check out more responses for Cardi’s hangover cure below – and feel free to tuck one in your back pocket for your forthcoming celebrations if you need!