21 Savage was one of the 1.8 million people locked in for Thursday’s (November 19) highly-anticipated Verzuz battle between Jeezy and Gucci Mane. 21 hosted a Zone 6 watch party with the rest of the Slaughter Gang, and he cheered Guwop on all night throughout the heavyweight bout.

21 went on Instagram Live for a portion of the matchup, which saw him rapping along to Gucci’s Jeezy disses such as “Round 1” and the hard-hitting “Truth” bar-for-bar. “It’s over,” he repeatedly declared after “Truth” rang off. 21 even joked that “745” would make Jeezy cry onstage during the battle.

The Slaughter Gang rapper has made his issues with Jeezy well-known. On 2020 Savage Mode II standout “Many Men,” 21 sniped Jeezy.

“Need a bad girl like RiRi (Yeah, yeah)/We don’t pump fake, we kill beef (21)/21 Savage, not Jeezy (Pussy),” he raps.

Jeezy is yet to respond, and it seems like he turned over a new leaf in his life and is going to be avoiding beef in favor of healing going forward. The trap pioneer believes he and Gucci could even link up for more business in the future with a moment of true reconciliation.

The Origins Of Gucci Mane & Jeezy's Bad Blood Beef

“For me to hear him say on a stage, ‘You extended the olive branch,’ let me know where we’re headed,” Jeezy told The Breakfast Club. “I would’ve never thought in a million years I would’ve heard that type of verbiage out of his mouth. Look how many times we went out in the world, to come back where we started and see that. What can you say? Even for the people that support us, it’s divided. Shit, that’s the first time in a while I heard ‘Icy’ and thought, ‘Cool, I can listen to ‘Icy’ again.'”