Dallas, TX

Dallas rapper Mo3 was reportedly shot on Interstate I-35 on Wednesday (November 11), but there are conflicting reports on his condition. Akademiks, along with SayCheese, VladTV and WorldStar, has already fired off an “RIP” tweet after rumors suggesting Mo3 actually succumbed to his injuries started making the rounds.

Meanwhile, KRLD Dallas reporter Kristin Diaz has confirmed one person has died, but authorities have yet to identify the decedent.

“PD confirming a victim has died in a possible shooting in Oak Cliff on I-35,” Diaz tweeted on Wednesday afternoon. “No official confirmation on who the victim is. Follow @krld as we work to confirm the details.”

Reports claim Mo3 was driving on a busy freeway when another car pulled up next to him and started spraying his vehicle with bullets. His car ultimately came to a stop when it ran into a concrete barrier.



Dallas Rapper Mo3 Says He Was Shot In The Head & Documents It For Instagram

But according to Mo3’s manager Jay, he’s in stable condition. In a text to a Dallas radio station 97.9 The Beat, his manager answered an inquiry about his status and was told, “He was shot but is in stable condition.”

In December 2019, Mo3 claimed he was shot in the head and documented it for Instagram. It later turned out it was simply for a video shoot for his song “Why?” and he, in fact, hadn’t been injured at all. This story will be updated as details continue to slowly emerge.