Waka Flocka Flame is feeling the heat after he insinuated Donald Trump is doing a better job than former president Barack Obama. On Wednesday (October 21), Obama spoke at a drive-in rally in South Philadelphia for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and potential vice president Kamala Harris’s campaign.

As a clip of Obama’s speech started making the rounds on Twitter, someone commented, “its people who really think Trump is a better President than Obama … [clown emoji],” to which Waka replied, “guess I’m a clown.”

Waka is the latest rapper to show support for Trump in one way or another this month. 50 Cent caused an uproar on social media when he encouraged his 26.2 million Instagram followers to “vote for Trump” and claimed it didn’t bother him that Trump “doesn’t care about Black people.”



The Power mogul was evidently upset by Biden’s proposed tax plan, which would apply a 62 percent top tax rate to New Jersey and New York residents who make over $400,000 a year. He doubled down in another Instagram post, explaining he simply didn’t want to be “20 Cent.”

Then, Ice Cube confused his fanbase when Trump’s senior campaign advisor Katrina Pierson thanked the N.W.A legend for contributing his ideas to Trump’s Platinum Plan. Cube later clarified he didn’t “run” to either campaign, Trump’s just happened to be interested in his Contract With Black America (CWBA) initiative.

Ice Cube Gets Persecuted On Twitter After He's Accused Of Being A Trump Supporter

During an interview with CNN’s Chris Cuomo, Cube made it clear he would work with “whoever’s in power.”



“Your lead-ins are a little misleading,” he told Cuomo. “The Platinum Plan is not my plan. I came up with Contract With Black America. I didn’t run to work with any campaign. Both campaigns contacted me. Both campaigns wanted to talk to me about the Contract With Black America … I didn’t run to nobody, so that was real misleading to me.

“You said I ran over to the Trump team instead of the Biden team and that’s just not true. I’m willing to work with both teams. I’m just working with whoever is willing to work with me.”

Waka faced similar backlash on Twitter following his comment. Check out some of the reactions below.