Chance The Rapper is feeling the wrath of Twitter after he compared Justin Bieber’s new album to the late Michael Jackson’s 1979 classic Off The Wall. Lil Chano made the inflammatory comment during an Instagram Live session with the pop singer earlier this month.

“I feel like we should talk about how fire your album is,” he told Bieber. “I will say, this is no cap at all, I said this to you in Chicago, it’s some of the best music I’ve heard, period. It reminds me of when Michael Jackson made Off The Wall. Everybody’s who’s listening … I promise you, it’s literally groundbreaking music.”

That was all people needed to hear. King of Pop fans immediately took their grievances to the social media platform where they blasted Chance for his, what they deemed, blasphemous statement.

One fan wrote, “Either he’s on drugs or just attention seeking because there’s 0% chance he actually believes that and neither will @justinbieber himself… @michaeljackson forever the king of pop,” while another said, “Chance woke up today and decided to tell the world that he believes Justin Bieber’s new music is on the level of *check notes* Michael Jackson’s Off The Wall???????? What type of crack are they serving at Yezzy church? @chancetherapper.”

Chance The Rapper Argues Kanye West Is A Better Donald Trump Replacement Than Joe Biden

Of course, Chance has been dragged on Twitter before. In July — not long after Kanye West announced he was running for president in the 2020 election — he caught heat for claiming Ye is a better replacement for Donald Trump than Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

He was also under the microscope this week after he told people to vote the same way their mother does. His latest commentary didn’t do him any favors either.

Check out some of the reactions below.