Jack Harlow has distanced himself from JW Lucas following the “WHAT’S POPPIN” producer’s controversial comments about Breonna Taylor. Despite Lucas being credited as one of the producers behind the hit single, Harlow claims Jetsonmade and Pooh Beatz are the only ones responsible for the beat.

“I’ve never met or spoken to that JW Lucas person,” he wrote in a since-deleted tweet. “And he didn’t even produce WHATS POPPIN. Jetson and Pooh made it. That’s all.”

Lucas sparked outrage for dismissively questioning why people want justice for the late Taylor, a Black woman who was shot and killed in her own apartment by Louisville police. The producer, who is white, ended up arguing with activist Tamika Mallory in an Instagram Live session over his contentious remarks.

“Why is the world asking for justice for #BreonnaTaylor…ofcourse she shouldn’t have lost her life…. but do you realize that she was involved with multiple drug dealers who were using her house as a trap spot?” he wrote in a since-deleted tweet. “If you sign up for that life there are consequences.”

After attempting to defend his offensive stance and clashing with Mallory on social media, Lucas apologized following a conversation with Taylor’s sister. He claimed he was misinformed about the case despite publicly airing out his thoughts on it.

“I just had a conversation with breonnas sister,” he revealed via Twitter. “She informed me of the actual nature of the case and cleared up some things for me. I want to apologize to her and her family if my comment regarding her case had any potential inaccuracies. #love.”

He added, “I clearly stated that under no circumstances was her death justified….. I also stated that based on the warrant and corroborated reports, that I was under the impression that her house was being used for receiving drug packs in the mail.”

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Lucas also announced he was removing his initial tweet about Taylor’s home being a “trap spot,” which began the backlash. He called for the maximum punishment if the case involves corruption as well.

“I am deleting my original tweet because of the potential inaccuracy that her house was being used to receive drugs packs in the mail,” he wrote. “If there was any corruption in the case the punishment should be the maximum allowed under law.”

Lucas issued an apology via Instagram too, insisting he wasn’t racist. He said his “passion and interest for being involved in change” resulted in his regrettable comments.

“Some times pure intent can be the path to hell,” he declared. “One thing I’m not going let people say is that I am a racist. I fight for Black people every day of my life, my comment was designed to ask if this case is being politicized for political propaganda purposes and I was wrong to speak on it. I will really think twice before speaking moving forward and I will atone for my mistakes. I’m sorry for the ignorant timing and tone of my tweets.”

Read his full post below.