50 Cent and his firstborn son Marquise Jackson have been estranged for years, but that didn’t keep Marquise from having his father in his personal top 5 list of favorite rappers. However, that’s since changed now for who Marquise says is a better version of his dad.

“I told niggas I was replacing 50 in my top 5 with Pop Smoke,” Marquise said during an Instagram Live on Monday (July 27). “Let me tell you why though, let me tell you why. Because he had both. He could do what 50 do; he sounds like him and he has melody.”

50 went into detail about what led to the current state of his relationship with his oldest son back in May during an Instagram Live with Van Lathan.

“It is sad, it’s a sad situation,” 50 said. “When you pray for success, you don’t necessarily pray for the things that come with it. It’s no such thing as success without jealousy, without envy or entitlement … His mom developed an entitlement that cannot be met, filtering that energy through his actual personal interests.”

When asked whether he still loved his son from a distance, 50 admitted he no longer did.

“I used to,” he said. “I didn’t think that success would cost me my firstborn, but it’s the situation it is. My grandfather used to say, ‘If it rattles like a snake and slithers like a snake, is it a snake or do you need to be bit?’ What he keeps saying is, every time you see the boy he show up with somebody you got a problem with. What does that tell you?”

Pop Smoke's Admiration For 50 Cent & The Woos Will Live On Well Past His Death

Upon Tekashi 6ix9ine’s release from prison in April, 50 joked he’d rather have the “TROLLZ” rapper as his son over Marquise, despite his disdain for 6ix9ine. Marquise responded with an Instagram comment.

“Did he just say he’d claim a rat?” he wrote. “Oh no! I don’t know what y’all got going on over there. That’s some other shit. Stupid!”