Eminem and Rihanna famously collaborated on the 2010 single “Love The Way You Lie,” which came from Slim Shady’s seventh studio album Recovery. The song became Em’s best-selling single with over 37 million copies sold worldwide and was nominated for five Grammy Awards.

If a recent Instagram post is any indication, the superstar duo is ready to do it again. On Saturday (July 25), Burn It Down Group, the company that reportedly tackles marketing for Shady Records, teased a potential collaboration between RiRi and Em on their Instagram Story.

The photo consists of a backwards “E” in the signature font used for Eminem’s name and the same “R” from the Barbadian singer’s Rated R album cover. The picture is coupled with two sets of eyeball emojis.

Whatever the case, the post has Em and Rihanna fans buzzing. After all, “Love The Way You Lie” was a monster hit. Written by singer-songwriter Skylar Grey, the track is essentially about abusive relationships.

In a recent interview with HipHopDX, Grey opened up about the song, explaining, “It was a very personal lyric based on my experience, not only with my ex-boyfriend, but the music industry. Feeling like there was something in me that loved to be tortured and loved the misery, because I kept getting sucked back into situations.

Skylar Grey Talks Being Dead Broke At The Time She Wrote Eminem's Biggest Song

“That’s what ‘Love The Way You Lie’ was about. Then a month later it was the No. 1 song. Eminem had cut it. Rihanna had cut it. I was broke living in a cabin in the woods and this was all happening and suddenly I had the biggest song in the world as a songwriter. Fucking crazy.”

As soon as Em heard the song, he recruited Rihanna to sing the hook and the rest is history.