Stevie J may or may not be going through some things at home, but he’s keeping it positive regardless.

The veteran producer/reality star had some uplifting words for his followers and their significant others in a video from his balcony on Wednesday (June 3). As the morning sun was shining, a shirtless Stevie dropped a few gems.

“It’s a beautiful morning and if you woke up next to your significant other, give them a kiss and tell them you love them every morning,” he said in the clip. “You know, make love every morning. Have fun every morning. Put a smile on your face every morning. If you don’t have smiles all day, if you not happy and it’s all negative, then it ain’t gon’ work. Positivity is everything, love is everything. Follow the light, man.”

The Love & Hip Hop star’s wife Faith Evans was arrested at their Los Angeles home following a “heated argument” that allegedly turned violent over the weekend, according to TMZ. The responding officers said there were visible marks and scratches on Stevie’s face, leading to Evans’ arrest for felony domestic violence.

Faith Evans & Stevie J Aren’t Worried About Disrespecting Biggie’s Memory

The widow of the late Notorious B.I.G. posted bail the same day, but the status of the couple’s marriage remains unclear. Stevie’s Instagram bio still refers to himself as a “Husband/Multiple Grammy Award winning music producer/ “@vh1 tv producer.”

Stevie married Evans in 2018. It’s the latter’s third marriage following Biggie and music executive Todd Russaw.