The mind of a producer is an incredible thing. A new series by Tracklib — a music service that enables the producer to discover and license original recordings — aims to show viewers just how true that statement is.

“Sample Breakdown” goes in-depth, fleshing out the elements of how beats by Dilla, J. Cole, 9th Wonder and more came to fruition.

Tracklib’s Chief Marketing Officer Per Stenius (the mind behind the videos) shared his vision for the series and its future with HipHopDX.

“We dissect tracks to show how they were made,” Stenius explains. “Not only by sharing the sample but also visualizing how it was flipped or chopped.”

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Famed producer 9th Wonder sent the show praise following their episode that featured Little Brother’s “Lovin It.”

“This is what actually goes on in my head,” 9th Tweeted. “This is what I see, hear and feel. I see shapes and colors.”

That sentiment, according to Stenius, is what drove their initial concept for the series.

He notes, “We wanted to illustrate the process of these amazing producers and what they feel, see and hear, so that everyone could feel, see and hear what actually goes into flipping a sample, and how it can completely resurrect a track.”

Tracklib is tight-lipped about what they have coming up next, but assure us that there are many episodes left in the canon; some we may expect and some that may be left-field.

“Sampling’s been an essential part of music creation and development for some time now, so needless to say, we’ve got many samples flips left to cover.”

Check out episodes of Tracklib’s “Sample Breakdown below.