The Beastie Boys Story: A Spike Jonze Live Documentary is inching toward its release date. According to an Instagram post from Mike D, tickets for the IMAX Experience are on sale now.

“Now hear this,” he wrote in the caption. “If you have an urge to see #BeastieBoysStory …Beastie Boys Story: The #IMAX Experience takes you inside the history of our band & more in a live documentary directed by our friend Spike Jonze. In theatres starting April 2.

“Tickets are on sale now: if there isn’t an @imax near you, it will start streaming on @appletv on April 24. For people outside the US, please stay tuned on more announcements regarding IMAX screenings.”

Inspired by the Beastie Boys Book,the film is produced by Grammy Award-winner Jason Baum, Amanda Adelson and Jonze and executive produced by Mike D, Ad-Rock, Dechen Wangdu-Yauch, John Silva, John Cutcliffe, Peter Smith, Thomas Benski, Dan Bowen, Sam Bridger, Michele Anthony, David Blackman and Ashley Newton.



Spike Jonze's 'Beastie Boys' Documentary Lands On Apple TV+

As Mike mentioned, Beastie Boys Story arrives in IMAX theaters on April 2 and on Apple TV+ on April 24. IMAX Experience tickets are available here.

Check out the teaser below.