New York, NY - 

Before Wendy Williams became the colorful talk show host she is today, she was knee-deep in radio. During her time on the air, she claimed Diddy once sent the three women from the group Total to assault her. Total was one of the signature acts on Bad Boy Records at the time.

She recalled the incident on a recent episode of The Wendy Williams Show but didn’t name names.

“Once upon a time, there was music mogul who sent his all-girl group to beat my ass in front of the radio station,” she says around the 21:30-minute mark. “I finish my shift, round up my headphones to see everyone lined up on the side of the window, looking down at the sidewalk.

“And I’m going downstairs, and my new boyfriend at the time, the bad Kevin … and I go downstairs to see this girl group jump out of a gypsy cab to come after me to kick my ass. I’m like, ‘For what?’ You know what I said was true. You all are broke and you were living in projects and that was that.”

Williams assured her audience the story would be played out in her Lifetime documentary. She told the same story several years back on the radio but identified the women by name.

She said “them Total bitches” — “three fighting broads” — did take a taxi to confront her while her coworkers encouraged it. Her then-boyfriend Kevin Hunter ultimately stopped the fight.

Listen below.