Are you currently planning a wedding? Well, newly ordained minister Blac Youngsta is on the lookout for a couple to marry in the next 90 days — all expenses paid.

“Oh my God, look — I’m a minister,” the “Booty” rapper exclaimed via Twitter video. “Y’all thought I was bullshittin.’”

Couples interested in being considered for this opportunity need to be as honest as possible and share their stories.

“So now that I can marry someone, I need you to put your laughs together, your truths together and give me a real story,” he explained. “Tell me why I should marry you … why I should pick you. But you have to put #churchonsunday in order for me to see it.

“You can be old, young or whatever as long as you love the person that you’re with, you know?”

There is one rule, though, as he notes that he doesn’t have time for anyone who marries and gets divorced the next week. “You can’t marry a whore. Okay. Can’t marry no hoe.”

There are already numerous couples vying to be chosen. Check out some of them below.

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