Actor Eddie Murphy is not the only one who has allegedly picked up someone or something off the side of the road. Rapper Mase now can be included in that category.

The incident supposedly happened on Spring Street in Atlanta around 12 am. According to the young woman who was involved in the car wreck, it happened when she was going north and pulled into the left turning lane while Mase was beside her in the right hand lane. She says she was about to make a left onto North Ave when Mase tried to turn in front of her truck in an attempt to circle the block to pick up a transvestite.

The victim appeared on Atlanta’s Ryan Cameron Morning Show, to tell what happened with the rapper turned preacher turned rapper again and the transvestites.

“The shims their running up to the car saying ‘girl, girl we seen what happened we seen everything’ it’s like five or six of them because they working so they run up to the car saying ‘girl are you ok he’s been circling around here girl like four times already tryin to pick one of these queens up’.”

When asked by Cameron whether or not she would go back to Mason‘s church she emphatically replied “Never.”

Reported By: Amanda Koger