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Confidence is key to being a superior MC — it comes with the territory. Blueface put that bravado on full display during a recent Instagram Live session, proclaiming he was the “best lyricist” in the industry.

Wearing two massive chains and two equally decadent rings, the 21-year-old burgeoning rapper said, “Hey cuz, that’s on my mama and my sis, I’m the best lyricist in the muthafuckin game, bro. I might not have the best flow, sound…but when it comes to wordplay, cuz, come on bro.”

From there, he gave his 4.4 million Instagram followers a little taste of his bars.

“I’m at the Ritz Carlton hotel blowin’ zips/This is a non-smoking room/But can no ho tell me shit/’Cause bitch, I’m the shit,” he spits.

Blueface popped up in headlines recently after his mother aired out their family’s dirty laundry on the ‘Gram. On July 1, she live streamed the “Thotiana” mastermind evicting her and his sister out of his house.

He claimed his mother was doing it all for “clout.”