Iowa City, IA – The former Iowa Director of Human Services had seen better days before he was asked to step down from his position by the state’s governor Kim Reynolds. In the aftermath of his resignation, 66-year-old Jerry Foxhoven has been revealed to be massive Tupac Shakur fan who constantly sent emails showing his fixation for the late Hip Hop legend.

According to Associated Press, 66-year-old Jerry Foxhoven was forced to resign on June 17. Foxhoven’s resignation came one day after he sent an email instructing his employees to honor what would’ve been Tupac’s 48th birthday on June 16 and listen to one of his songs to better their lives.

While no actual reason has been given for the resignation, Foxhoven frequently sent messages to employees praising Shakur’s lyrics even after at least one complained to lawmakers. He once sent a mass email containing Tupac’s lyrics to 4300 government workers in the agency.

“As the governor has said, a lot of factors contributed to the resignation of Jerry Foxhoven and now Governor Reynolds is looking forward to taking DHS in a new direction,” Reynolds’ spokesman Pat Garrett said.

Foxhoven also held weekly office parties titled “Tupac Fridays” where he played the slain MC’s songs throughout the day. He reportedly spoke with his colleagues in prose inspired by Tupac’s lyrics and celebrated his 65th birthday with Tupac-inspired cookies decorated with the words “Thug Life.”

The Associated Press obtained 350 pages of emails with the words “Tupac” or “2Pac” sent to and from Foxhoven during his two years as Iowa’s Human Services Director. While at least one government employee reacted negatively to the Makaveli obsession, some people enjoyed it.

“I love your 2pac messages … and the fact that you still send them (despite the haters) makes me appreciate them even more,” employee Lisa Bender wrote to Foxhoven in an email.