Baltimore, MD –

As he continues to work on his upcoming album — due out this winter — Balitmore rapper MC Bravado drops XEMIR, his take on a remix project. Featuring appearances from the likes of Nitty Scott and Pacewon, he tells HipHopDX the release is a calm before the storm.

“XEMIR was fun because I love the concept of a remix — and the various ways to execute it,” he explains. “You can reinvent the beat, add new verses, hooks, features. You can switch your delivery or even cross genres.

“This project explores all that and allows some artist friends of mine to contribute to this idea of transforming mutual favorites from my catalog,” he adds.

Bravado admits to having never felt more confident about “shaking things up” as he does with this project.

“I walked away from my teaching job in Baltimore last June to jump on Warped Tour and have been doing the full-time artistry thing in the year since then,” he says. “I feel like making that jump really allowed me to put everything into my art, and consequently, the level up is more pronounced to me than it’s ever been.”

Next up will be an (as of yet untitled) single dropping in early Fall — with an album following this Winter. “I couldn’t feel better about it or more hype to get the album done and out there” Bravado gushes.

Stream XEMIR below, via Soulspazm Records.