HIpHopDX Premiere – MC Bravado kicked off 2019 a new man. The former English teacher has entered the stage of his life where he’s now a full-fledged musician, leaving his teaching career behind. So, it’s only appropriate his first visual of the year is for the track, “Brand New Bag.”

The video sees the Baltimore MC delve into surrealist territory, juxtaposing addiction and getting away with murder. Produced entirely by Militant Marxman, the track comes from Like Water For Hangovers and offers a darkly comedic take on overcoming one’s vices.

“‘Brand New Bag’ is about how our vices can feel like our best friends, even while they’re destroying us,” Bravado tells HipHopDX. “Our vices can hide in plain sight; they can be fun. We develop that dependency on a physical and emotional level and weave these vices into the fabric of our existence. I felt the best way to convey this idea on screen was to make my friends in the video symbolic of different vices.

“And the only way to do away with them was to lure them into that fun environment where we shared many of our ‘best times.’ We’re all prone to relapse as well, so we wanted to dispose of ‘the bag’ containing all of our vices in the middle of nowhere and permanently out of striking distance. We wanted this to be fun, self-aware, disorienting and somehow sobering at the same time, and I really think we accomplished that.”

As Bravado says, the Mike Jon-helmed visual is “equal parts fuzzy and sobering, brazenly spotlighting Bravado’s adept skillset.”

Watch the video up top and cop the album here.