Bobby Shmurda recently said why he wouldn’t join Meek Mill’s fight for criminal justice reform, seemingly believing the Maybach Music Group artist’s crusade involved support of the police. In response, Meek clarified his mission.

On an Instagram post featuring a clip of Shmruda’s interview, Meek commented to say the incarcerated rapper had it all wrong.

“Somebody gave Bobby the wrong information,” he wrote. “Nothing I got going on has nothing to do with speaking up for the cops!”

Shmurda told SiriusXM’s Hip Hop Nation that he respects Meek, even referring to him as “big bro.” But, he said he wouldn’t get involved in any protests or criminal justice reform initiatives after his release from prison.

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In his explanation for why he’d abstain, Shmurda appeared to think Meek was rallying behind police in some way.

“Like I tell people all the time, I respect what he’s doing,” he said. “I can’t do it though. I can talk to the kids, but I ain’t about to be sitting here protesting and politicking for no muthafuckin’ cops because them muthafuckas don’t care. They been killing muthafuckas since Rodney King. And people gotta realize this shit.”

Listen to Shmurda’s comments below.

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