New York, NY

Snoop Dogg hopped on Instagram to air his grievances about an NYPD officer who pulled over his sprinter van on Sunday (March 24).

The legendary rapper vented his frustrations during the middle of the traffic stop in the first of two videos posted about the incident.

“Asking homegirl the gang of questions,” Snoop said while watching the cop’s interactions with the driver. “We all got seatbelts and shit back here, cuz, what the fuck is he looking at?”

In the second clip, Snoop took some direct shots at the officer and the American legal system in one fell swoop.

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“Why is it always some muthafucka that ain’t from America that’s some sort of kind police officer or pull-you-over kind of nigga?” Snoop asked. “Nigga your registration and paperwork ain’t even together muthafucka.”

He added, “I can’t believe this shit. America is fucked up now, cuz. You better get you some lawyers and keep some muthafuckin’ alibis around you cause they out to get your ass.”

Check out what Snoop had to say below.

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