New York, NY

YBN Almighty Jay was involved in a brutal street fight outside of Saks Fifth Avenue in New York City on Friday (March 8). In video footage captured of the melee, someone shouts, “Take his chain, take his chain!”

According to TMZ, Jay was shopping with his friends TJ Porter and Bay Swag when another aspiring rapper Lil TJ walked into the store with his crew. Witnesses said both parties started yelling at each other and things quickly turned physical.

The fight was ultimately taken outside where the punches kept flying. At one point, Jay was separated from Porter and Bay Swag. The attackers took that opportunity to kick him twice in the head with serious force.

Police were dispatched to the scene, but nobody wanted to file a report.

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The men who jumped Jay made off with his wallet, an YBN chain and his shoes.

Jay was recently under suspicion for robbing SkinnyFromThe9 of $80,000 in cash and jewelry. It’s unclear if the two incidents are connected.