Burbank, CA – Since declaring himself the best rapper alive, everyone seems to have something to say about Canadian rapping crooner Tory Lanez. Never one to shy from musical confrontation — even shaming others for ducking him — it appears he isn’t willing to take the smoke being offered by rising Burbank, California, rapper Dax.

In response to a clip of a Tory Lanez diss posted via Dax’s Instagram story on Monday (February 4), followed up with a message indicating that had he not been busy he would have “ended” that rapper right there and then, Tory sent a DM letting Dax know that he wasn’t going to get the response he was looking for.

“I don’t know what ur tactic is … I don’t know you. And I’m not in the mood for none of this shit,” he wrote Dax, adding “not everything is going to end with a rap battle.”

Dax responded in the caption of the post — making the DM public — noting “RAP IS A SPORT. NOTHING PERSONAL.”

“You said were the best. I DISSagree,” he continued. “I respect you, my Canadian brother. And for this reason, I will let the PEOPLE decide whether or not I should drop the track.”

Well, it appears the “Daxnation” has spoken, and despite the crytic threat from Tory, a diss record, titled “I’m Not Joyner or Don Q” is on the way — and according to Dax himself, it’s going to be a tough act to follow.

“I am not a rapper to war with,” he writes. “I will surgically pick you apart with all facts that will have you questioning your existence and purpose on this earth.”

Adding that this will set the tone for his career, he says that the diss, which he has labeled as one of the top 10 of all time, will blow every other response lobbed his way thus far out of the water.

“Don Q let you live, Joyner murdered you, I cut you up limb by limb,” he raps before the clip cuts out on a newer preview of the record posted via his story on Tuesday (February 5). While a set drop date isn’t available, it will be interesting to see whether Tory will let Dax get under his skin.

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