Los Angeles, CA

While embellishing in rap music has been a constant norm since its inception, there haven’t been too many instances when Fat Joe was accused of being a liar.

So when he tells you he bullied his way through high school much like his storied rap career — straight to the front of the class — you know he’s telling the truth.

“I was terrible, a troublemaker, class clown, not paying attention, and we don’t tell nobody else to do that, but that’s a fact and I never lie,” a chuckling Fat Joe tells HipHopDX ahead of his role in Kevin Hart and Tiffany Haddish’s Night School comedy. “So we stress with the kids how important education is. You could have jewelry, you could have a car, you could have money, but they can take all that away. The only thing they can’t take away is an education and more and more people need it these days.”

The Don Cartagena co-stars in the film as “Bobby,” an incarcerated felon who virtually tunes in from prison in hopes to obtain his GED. Naturally, slapstick moments ensue, also thanks to a supporting cast that boasts Rob Riggle, Taran Killam and Romany Malco.

“Man it was so crazy,” he recalls of the filming experience. “Kevin Hart was tricking on that PCP, huh! He had a scene on there where he was high. It never made the movie and he was tweaking. Tiffany Haddish was like, ‘Yo, you high boy! You high. I know a crack head when I see one!’ It was hilarious, but it didn’t make it. It didn’t make it. It’s on the lost tapes.”

When asked about his (lack of) contribution to the Malcolm D. Lee-directed film’s soundtrack (“I missed out on that. I played myself,” he sheepishly admits), Joey Crack was also excited to plug the upcoming Family Ties album; his first album in remarkably eight years.

“I’m completing the album right now with Dre and Cool & Dre together,” he says. “It’s called Family Ties and we got Big Sean on there, Chris Brown, a couple of people helping us out. It’s just straight fire. Tell everybody we’re like two songs away from having a classic!”

Catch Fat Joe in Night School starting Friday (September 28) in theaters worldwide. The Family Ties album is slated to drop later this year as well.

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