The friendly skies weren’t so kind to Wale, according to the tweets he sent out on Sunday (September 16).

While traveling from New York City to Los Angeles, Wale claimed two American Airlines employees informed him he wasn’t supposed to be in the first class section of the plane and threatened to call police.

“How about ur employees Megumi and Don told me ‘ur not supposed to be in first class I’m calling the police,'” Wale tweeted to American Airlines.

Wale accused the two employees of being “racist” in a tweet directed at the airline.

Wale’s tweets came shortly after he expressed his frustration about his delayed American Airlines flight. According to Wale, his flight went from delayed to canceled.

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“Lmao stuck on the runway AGAIN. I bet it sound like I’m wellin.. nope half n hour an counting…Ok they cancelled the flight . This the 5th time in like 10 days .. all I can do is laugh,” Wale wrote in two separate tweets.[apple_news_ad type=”any”]

This isin’t the first time Wale has had an issue with an airline. In May 2016, Wale blasted United Airlines on social media and accused them of racial profiling.