Earlier on Wednesday (June 13), renowned Hip Hop troll 50 Cent took to Instagram to air out his frustration with his content being restricted — and his account being temporarily disabled due to terms of service violation.

“Dear Instagram, I’m not sure if you look at your self lately but you’re full of ass and tits,” he wrote.

After being alerted that the account was entirely disabled, and he would need to follow steps to restore it, he wrote “What the fuck … I’m rich, what if l don’t want it back? you never thought of that did you?” Fif had previously announced on May 9 that he was leaving the platform over what he deemed as censorship.

It didn’t take long for the G-Unit head honcho to point the finger at his career-long nemesis Ja Rule as the culprit. “No Preme, No Team. South Side till l Die you already know how I get down,” he wrote.

While Ja Rule didn’t deny it, he did respond by posting a “caption this” post of Fif holding a dildo, and a follow-up post showing government papers with 50’s name on them, implying he’s the snitch.

CAPTION THIiiiiS… ????

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2018 has seen numerous disrespectful jabs from the two New York rappers whose beef spans almost two decades.