Three 6 Mafia’s DJ Paul hopped on Twitter again Monday (June 25) to unleash a tweet calling rappers untalented, desperate and a whole bunch of other insults.

“Plz Dont Call Me A Rapper! Its Embarrassing To Be A Rapper These Days! Rap Music Is A #ShitShow Now! No Talent, Targets, Thirtsy, Hungry, Desperate. SMH #MakeRapGoodAgain,” he wrote.

He later followed up on his thoughts with comments to TMZ, explaining how he felt about Hip Hop’s current crop of rappers.

“Rappers are extra, extra lazy. They don’t want to write no raps, they don’t want to write no hooks. They just want to keep remaking stuff and that’s fine … If we’re going to remake something, we gotta put some originality in it. We gotta do something different, because if we don’t, Hip Hop is gonna die,” he stated.

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Paul also noted he considers this era of Hip Hop to be in real trouble. “To me, this is the worst state that Hip Hop has ever been in.”

Still, Paul did commend Kendrick Lamar for doing something unique, adding, “That’s probably like 1% of Hip Hop right now. Everybody else is doing the same thing. We gotta find originality or it’s gonna die.”

Paul also accused rappers of stealing from Three 6 Mafia, which he said is fine, as long as he gets paid.

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