50 Cent has begun another social media feud.

After trolling Jim Jones to the point where the Dipset lyricist challenged 50 to a fight, the G-Unit boss set his sights on Hell Rell.

The social media free-for-all began when 50 uploaded a months-old video of Hell Rell being jumped at a restaurant in front of his family. The Power actor/producer then suggested that Rell “get the strap,” which has become a familiar catchphrase for 50 on Instagram.

Boy if you don’t ?‍♂️?get the strap

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Rell responded to 50 in a live video on Instagram, which showed that he’s strapped and “on the edge” after losing several close family members.

“I went and got the fuckin strap,” Rell said. “Fuckin’ play with me, man. I’m on the edge. Lost my muthafuckin’ mother. Lost my daddy. Lost my grandmother. I’m on the edge, man. Don’t push me.”

#InternetThreats drooping soon?????? #ScaleTalkBoy⚖️⚖️

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50 has continued to take aim at Rell even after the Dipset rhymer appeared to be done with the feud.

“If the lame niggas is the new cool niggas Im a sit this one out,” Rell wrote in an Instagram post uploaded on Monday (April 30).

In one video, 50 videotaped himself poking fun of a photo of Rell holding an automatic weapon.

“Breaking News: Rell post this now, said he gonna give niggas a work out,” 50 Cent wrote in his caption to the video. “They gone be running track and field,l don’t know if l believe him you know the vibes. get the strap.”

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