Jim Jones and 50 Cent’s social media barbs took a turn over the weekend.

The two New Yorkers have been known to trade lighthearted jabs over their weightlifting abilities, but 50’s latest taunting led to Jones offering to settle their differences in a fight.

The G-Unit boss began the online spat with a since-deleted Instagram post mocking a photo shared by Jones.

50’s posts finally elicited a response from the Dipset member, who seemed to be taking it well at first.

“Sombody tell @50cent I appreciate all th free publicity but if he don’t stop this is gonna go on forever lol ps I don’t know how I feel about u keep posting another grown man on ur page this like th 3rd time u posted me lol chill I ain’t like tht lol,” Jones wrote on Instagram.

But Jones later offered to shoot the fade with 50, even naming a location for the proposed showdown.

“Sombody tell @50cent we can shoot th fair one when ever he ready we can do it on 42st or or south side if they still let u ride through there lol remeber power is a tv show them actors ain’t gone do shit at all period and get u some goons cause monster gettin old lol my young boy will cuffy tht Nigga and I’m still laughin lol come on spyder Man U can do better thn tht champ #GetYouAFewStrapps and I b back tonight round 2am we can have a big party in th bity if u want at ur club don’t u on lust #WastedTalent out now lol,” he wrote.”

As one might expect, 50 didn’t let this message go by unnoticed. The platinum-selling MC responded in the comments.

“Oh no jimmy Mad at me, you don’t want to fight jimmy,” he fired back. “you want to sit down have [a] drink and relax. Talking all that killer shit. LOL.”


50 wouldn’t leave it alone though, continuing to instigate on Instagram. He shared a picture and video of Jones’ fellow Dipset member Hell Rell getting attacked at a restaurant.

?oh hell no, l been missing all of this LOL ??get the strap.

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Boy if you don’t ?‍♂️?get the strap

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